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Guidance to sell and buy on largest marketplaces with CRM integration. Account registration from eBay or Amazon to particular payment systems for money operations.

eBay design store creation and nice listing templates.

SEO to increase traffic for your new store.



Sell Buy Expert

Sell on Marketplaces

Are you new to marketplace and want to start selling or you looking for multichannel selling?

Get an advice and do it yourself or hire me to do routine job for you.


eBay is one of the largest auctions in the world, where you can buy everything. The prices starts from 0.01$!


Amazon has plenty of ways to attract customers and most of them are associated with discounts and free shipping.


On Dawanda it is preferable to sell hand-made items and craft.


Mega large international online retail network in Europe, Australia and USA. Good price. Good service. Good feeling.

Yandex Market
Yandex Market

Every month more than 19 000 000 people across Russia come to the Yandex Market to choose a product or store.

Google Merchant Center
Google Merchant

With the help of Google Merchant, sellers can attract potential buyers to their stores. Product information appears in search results.


Are you a creative person of needlework, decor, drawing, making ornaments and crafts? Make money on your hobby. Etsy.

Dealshaker One Coin Cryptocurrency

Dealshaker is an online deals marketplace. B2C deal promotions in a combination of cash and cryptocurrency.

Sell on Social Networks



More Social Networks

Seller Consultant


eBay seller virtual assistant

eBay 2017 Active Content Compliance

What is eBay's new active content policy?

Fix active content

Feedback widgets, Custom store search bars, Dynamic display of store categories in the listing description, Top navigation drop-down category menus, Items cross-promotion widgets, Flash animations, Java Scripts, links in your listings to off-eBay websites,

Fix Non-Http content mandated by Google

Listings with HTTP content will feature the "See full item description" button. HTTPS-compliant listings will be unchanged.

Fix listing according to new Browser Security Standards and applies to eBay shops, images, videos, audio, css, active content

Lift amount limits and restriction Free delivery and 60 day returns
Unique custom design.

Unique custom design .

eBay store design

eBay store design and listing template

SEO for listing templates and eBay store

Want to get more traffic to your listing? Want to sell more items?

Sell and buy on eBay

I will help to sell your items for you. I can buy items and ship it to you.

Monthly sale performance overview Why wait? List more now.
Account registration and verification.

Don't know how to start selling?

Account registration and verification

Let me register your account and verify it.

Payment system or bank account

Need payment system to withdaw money? Ask how.

Free delivery 60 day returns Lift amount limits and restriction


I will help you with Amazon.

Amazon seller


Powerful CRM

Compartible with eBay and Amazon marketplaces


CRM for eBay, Amazon and online stores. Complicated system for heavy loaded online stores and high quantity products on marketplaces.


CRM for eBay, Amazon, Yandex Market an Vkontakte. Easy sync back and force. Bulk listing uploading

Latest works

Check out my latest eBay store design and listing for different clients upon their request. Each store has been done according to tech ZADANIE


Purchase goods from eBay, participate in the auction!
I help you find the right product and help buy it at the best price!

Purchase conditions:

$ Price + 9% commissions

  • 1. You choose a product
  • 2. Send me id or listing link
  • 3. I do check out
  • 4. You Bank or PayPal transfer
  • 5. I paying for lot
  • 6. I Provide a tracking number
  • 7. Leave a message when get an item
Auction style or Buy Now


Please see Frequently Asked Questions how Sell Buy Expert can help you with Marketplaces.

eBay store design for auto parts seller eBay store design for natural deadsea cosmetics
  • Can you register and verify my account on Marketplaces, Payment Systems and Social Networks?
    Yes. I do account registration and verification on eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Dawanda, Yandex Market, VidaXL, Bonanza, Google Merchant and PayPal.
  • Can you create eBay store for my business?
    Yes. I can create custom eBay design store and custom eBay listing template and programming.
  • Can you create Amazon Storefront and register my Brand?
    Yes. That's possible on Seller Professional Account only. In order to register Brand you need to submit some documents.
  • Can you list my product on my account without store?
    Yes. I can make a nice listing with beautiful template and all item specifications. All listings I do according to SEO which boost a lot of traffic to your items. Bulk listing also available with CSV file.
  • Why do I need CRM?
    CRM can save your time and make your live easier. Cross sell tool will synchronise between each Marketplace.
  • I would like to do everything by my own. Can you teach me?
    Yes. I provide professional consultation with practical experience. I will show you how to work on Marketplaces based on your needs.

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